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What Does Cloud Web Hosting Mean?

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Cloud web hosting is a very fashionable term at present. Yet, just a few realize what it does in reality represent. Most of the hosting corporations speculate feverishly about accounts defined as being 'cloud hosting'. Particularly the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting firms. Because of the total deficiency of novel marketing ideas, the cPanel web hosts are simply using modish phrases, striving to seduce more web hosting customers with clever marketing techniques.

cPanel - a single server website hosting solution

In brief, cPanel is a single server web hosting solution. One server serves all web hosting services concurrently. On the other hand, the cloud web hosting platform requests each different hosting service, such as data storage, email, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, statistics, website hosting CP, backup, etc. to be served by separate groups of top-notch web servers in a cluster. All the clusters beget the so called 'cloud'. With cPanel, the aforestated web hosting services are all being served concurrently by 1 server. This implies that no 'clouds' can be seen around cPanel-based hosting corporations. Not even a single cloud...

The enormous marketing trick with cloud web hosting accounts

Watch out for the various counterfeit proclamations promising you 'cloud hosting' packages, mainly spread by cPanel hosting providers. When a cPanel web hosting corporation proudly says that a 'cloud' web hosting solution is being proffered, check whether it's not a haze or a smog beforehand. Practically everyone speculates with the term 'cloud', ultimately relying on the fact that the bulk of the users do not know what it does in fact indicate.

Let's be more optimistic and return to the authentic cloud web hosting services.

Hepsia - a cloud web hosting Control Panel platform

Hepsia is an avant-garde cloud web hosting platform connected to a feature-rich easy-to-work-with website hosting Control Panel. Both, the cloud web hosting platform and the corresponding hosting Control Panel are contrived by ResellersPanel.com - a first-class reseller web hosting firm since 2003. Regrettably, it's an absolutely unusual occurrence to discover a web hosting provider delivering a cloud web hosting solution on the marketplace. For unfamiliar reasons, Google prefers cPanel-based web hosting merchandisers chiefly. This is why we believe it's good for those in search of a web hosting platform to know a little bit more about the Hepsia cloud web hosting solution.

Hepsia - the multi-server cloud web hosting environment

Each web hosting service droplet in Hepsia's 'cloud' is tackled by a separate host of web servers, devoted solely to the given service at hand, sharing the load produced. Thus, the hosting Control Panel is being handled by a separate host of servers, which serve the hosting Control Panel exclusively and nothing apart from it. There is another set of servers for the email, one more for the data storage, another for the backup, one more for the stats, another for the MySQL databases, one more for the PostgreSQL databases, and so on. All these packs of web servers function as one complete website hosting service, the so-called 'cloud web hosting' service.

Cloud web hosting services with ZYNOTEK

We have picked Hepsia as our main web hosting platform, so that we can offer top cloud web hosting services to our customers. All of our web hosting offers comes packed with the Hepsia web hosting CP and all of it's free bonuses. But don't take our word for it, you can go find out for yourself in the control panel demo.

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